Home of the Gators!

1221 Garfield Street

Port Huron, MI  48060

Main Line - 810.984.6509

Absence Hotline - 989.2741

 School Mission Statement

 It is the belief of the Garfield School community that all children are valuable and capable of learning. Our Schools purpose is to create a stable and supportive learning environment focused on the mastery of academic and social skills. This contributes to the preparation of our students to become productive members of tomorrow's society. Our mission will be accomplished by the combined efforts of Garfield parents, students, staff, and community. 

-Updated 10-20-05

 Our School Song
Garfield is a really good school
Gators give a cheer
Parents and teachers, students as well
Working together each year
Going to Garfield School is so neat
Anyone can see
We've got the spirit, we've got the beat
Garfield is the place to be.

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Fantastic Facts about Garfield

·         Garfield School has an enrollment of about 440 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

·          There are 56 staff members that work at Garfield Elementary.

·          School Spirit Day is every Wednesday. The staff and students wear the school colors-green and white.

·         Our school newspaper is the Gator Gazette. It is published and sent home monthly.

·         Garfield Elementary was built in 1924.

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